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About Us

Pre-School and Primary Education (Ages 2.5 – 12)

At Ecole Thérèse Internationale, we are passionate about delivering an all-rounded, consistent and well-researched foundational education, as we believe this ensures a brilliant performance not only academically, but in all spheres of life through the years.

We currently run a two-streamed pre-school & primary school, delivering an International Bilingual curriculum inspired by IB’s Early Years Programme, and ENF – The French National Educational System (Education NationaleFrançaise). We deliver this in two distinct approaches - the English stream on the one hand (Here, we teach four days in English, one day in French) and the French stream on the other hand, (Here, we teach four days in French and one day in English)

We opened our doors in January 2021 and we have been enrolling pupils since then and we are currently open for admissions.

The Holistic Approach & Championing Innovation from Infancy

The Holistic Approach

Ecole Thérèse Internationale’s chosen approach, defines successful school practice in the areas of curriculum delivery, learning expeditions, appreciation of culture, promotion of diversity, as well as leadership development. Our methodology dwells on student inquiry, critical thinking, innovation and craftsmanship

Championing Innovation from Infancy:

Not only have we intentionally prepared our junior campus to be safe, secure and child-friendly, we have also designed it to encourage innovation

Our Partnerships

Ecole Therese enjoys the strategic partnership and support of Efford Educational Consult based in Ghana and also of Education and Management Consulting LLC; a U.S based firm which helps to strengthen corporate governance, leadership, management and teacher development and offers other critical assistance to support the growth of Ecole Therese.

Ecole Therese also collaborates with France Volontaires, a French Educational Institution which offers development support to other firms through the international placement and management of French expert - volunteers.

Classroom Setting

Enrolment has started on our junior campus at East Legon. School lessons are delivered in a very welcoming and safe environment.

Health & Safety

We adhere to strict COVID protocols and we go the extra-mile to ensure the safety and comfort of your child. We encourage parents to visit the school as often as possible to experience our warm and child-friendly environment.

Virtual Learning

The New Normal is HERE, but hey! no worries, we are already several steps ahead in Virtual learning!

At Ecole Thérèse Internationale, we also deliver our International Bilingual curriculum virtually using our own dedicated LMS - Learning Management System. Our students follow the lessons with ease and our Parents and Guardians are simply pleased with our Virtual School: We have testimonials and references of fellow parents to re-assure you.

Parents’ & Guardians' Orientation et al (For our Virtual School)

Parents’ & Guardians' Orientation et al (For our Virtual School)

To ensure a great start, we offer a comprehensive orientation module to Parents and Guardians, for a smooth and successful delivery of virtual lessons to our students (especially the younger ones).

We also employ great innovation to ensure an effective and stimulating virtual experience, for our students.

Our virtual learning programme is more than just recorded lessons. Students are able to interact with their teachers and other students in a live delivery of planned sessions. Through proactive, tried and tested delivery techniques, we are able to engage children’s attention through these sessions.

Your child is just a click away from a timely online education created just for her! We help your child to fully embrace the Digital approach, so that she can remain in tune with the very dynamic times.

Our Philosophy

At Ecole Thérèse, we strongly believe that every child is talented in a unique way. We also acknowledge that learning styles differ from one child to the other. Stemming from this, we are convinced that our approach to teaching just cannot be a one-size-fits-all and we demonstrate this with a passion.

We employ a wide array of research-based teaching methodologies and adapted leadership approaches. We celebrate diversity and collaboration. We leverage on the rich and varied experiences and exposure of our teaching staff. We incorporate critical insights from parents and guardians and together, we place each child firmly on the path to self-discovery which should ultimately lead to self-accomplishment later in life.

Our Philosophy Cont'd.

Our philosophy statement is underpinned by principles such as respect for one another and love for community. We harness the strengths of all members to build and sustain strong team-spirit not only among staff but also with parents and guardians because we see in them, our critical partners in the development journeys of our students. We uphold and demonstrate internationalism.

We create a healthy, conducive, learning atmosphere for our students to thrive in and be the best of themselves. To our staff, this means a supportive and motivating environment to enable them give their best in their roles. We strongly support Greg Hiebert, an acclaimed leadership guru in this saying: “you cannot give what you do not have”.

Ecole Thérèse is interdenominational and encourages inclusiveness.

Our Vision:

To become the global centre of excellence in the all-rounded education and development of young people, empowering them to excel through life.

Our Mission:

We teach and nurture our students to be curious, innovative and enthusiastic learners. We focus on unlocking their natural intelligence and talents, through varied learning experiences and exposure to diverse cultures.

The Values we uphold:

Be upright and responsible
Be confident but respectful
Embrace discipline
Be innovative
Be passionate and strive for excellence

Ecole Thérèse Internationale’s unique International Bilingual curriculum, delivered in both French and English options stands it apart from the rest.

After - School - Support (Ages 3 – 19)

Ecole Thérèse Internationale, makes time for students of other schools who need critical assistance with their lessons, especially in the area of FRENCH.

Students of all schools are welcome to our after-school-support programme. Curricula covered are: Cambridge, GES and certainly the IB - International Baccalaureate. Through this programme, we are able to de-mystify the learning of French and break down the barriers for students.

Parents and children alike are very grateful for this support service. We encourage you to bring your child too! The lessons start from 3pm and end at 6:30pm each day. Go ahead and give us a call. Your child will thank you for this!

Our Foundation – Sunrise!

Sunrise Foundation, a sister- institution of Ecole Thérèse Internationale, is a fledgling institution with a big dream and a promising future. It is our way of caring for the community as we extend a hand to the less-privileged populations.

The name and identity: Sunrise, represents limitless hope and the promise of a great future

The Vision of the Foundation, is to enable less-privileged youth-groups, to become inspirational change agents in the community and equip them for a brighter tomorrow.

The Mission of the Foundation, is to strengthen the basic education provided to less privileged children and equip them to compete for higher education and greater opportunities within Ghana and beyond.

Our Foundation – Sunrise! Cont'd.

To carry out its mandate, Sunrise Foundation is in collaboration with two orphanages in two geographically distinct localities. The first is: Rafiki Village in Gyahadze, a village near Winneba in the Central Region of Ghana.

The second is Motherly Love Orphanage, located in Kwabenya, within the Dome-Kwabenya district of Accra.

The initial focus is to deliver need-based lessons in French, Mentoring and Counseling to the children of these orphanages. This will make their education more holistic and take them to a whole new level in their aspirations, efforts and achievements.

Earnest preparations are currently ongoing, as we search for partnering organisations, to enable us match noble intentions with palpable actions.

Ecole Thérèse PLUS (ET+)

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Our Solution

EcoleThérèse PLUS, designs and delivers innovative and engaging Business French Tuition, under the broad programme: PRACTICAL FRENCH ON THE GO.

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A Peek into our Methodology

1. We target the needs of Business and of Individual learners. We employ a methodology known as

FLE (FFL: French as Foreign Language: FSL: French as Second Language: Learning French as a second language)
FOS (Business-driven French Tuition)

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Our Team

A diverse team of experts, with international experience, qualified and specialised in training and coaching French learners to achieve their learning goals

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Our Mode of Delivery

We deliver a tailored approach, the chosen mode of delivery, is the client’s preference,
The Options are:

Face to Face / Virtual / Hybrid

We come to you, virtually, in the comfort of your home or office.

We create a safe and fun-filled classroom environment…. Yours is to enjoy the experience, ours is to ensure the learning takes place.
We simulate the immersion approach to learning French.

Sharing some interesting experiences.

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Benefits for Individuals

      1. Our Business French lessons are enabling our learners take their Career Development a notch higher.
      2. Our Learners can now aspire to attain greater heights, international positions, a more promising future!

Benefits for Organisations

      1. Robust collaborations with their Continental/ International partners.
      2. Empowers them to grow their businesses into other countries and create an international footprint.

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Who are our clients, currently?

We deliver to our Partners, ie:

  • Our Bankers
  • Regional NGO’s
  • A major Communications Group as well as
  • An Energy Generation Company organisation.

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